Billionaire Industrialist Yohan Poonawalla Is A Huge Car Enthusiast

At the Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, Pune-based billionaire industrialist and a car aficionado Yohan Poonawalla’s Ferrari 458 special Aperta made its presence felt at the drive and surely was the car that attracted most of the eyeballs.

Ferrari – a name that makes almost everyone start daydreaming. Be it the classic or the modern ones, but you sure can’t ignore these breathtaking, astounding and remarkable creations! Spotting one of them on Indian roads is a rare occasion.

As we all know Yohan Poonawalla is a huge car enthusiast and so it comes as no surprise that he decided to rev it up. He drove his splendid Ferrari, the only one in India to the 70th anniversary celebration in Mumbai.

The drive was an event we are sure that Mumbaikar won’t forget so soon and we are looking forward to more such amazing drives.