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It is essential to return more to society than what we take from it. Keeping this in mind, The Poonawalla Group has constantly endeavoured to give back as much as possible. our efforts are directed towards education, BEAUTIFICATION, medication & various other causes related to the overall development of society.


Zavaray Poonawalla Cancer Building

Zavaray Poonawalla Cancer Building

The group has donated as state-of-art building known as ‘Zavaray Poonawalla Cancer Building’ with ultra-modern facilities devoted to the treatment and care of cancer patients.

Soli Poonawalla Memorial High School

Founded by the Poonawalla family in the memory of our founder, the ‘Soli poonawalla memorial high school’ follows the philosophy of making a permanent impression of goodwill, knowledge and wisdom on the minds of it’s children.

Poona District Leprosy Committee

The Poonawalla group has been supporting poona district leprosy committee through gainful employment since 1990.

Gool Poonawalla Garden

The group has built and maintains the ‘Gool Poonawalla Garden’ situated in Salisbury Park. The Poonawalla Group has also contributed towards the widening and re-surfacing of the Hadapsar Road which is known as the ‘Soli Poonawalla Road’, in memory of our founder.